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Memorize Large Portions of Scripture and RETAIN it.
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Why It Matters..
In every point in history there are good seasons and tough ones, but through them all the Word of God stands strong.  King David said that those who meditate on his word night and day are like trees planted by streams of water whose leaves does not wither.  This has been tested since the beginning of humanity from prisons to palaces and found to be true.  In this book my desire is that you will
  • Discover The Exact System I Use to Memorize WHOLE BOOKS of the Bible.
  • Learn how to Memorize Without Using Rote (repeat, repeat,repeat).
  • Understand the 3 Keys to Memorizing almost anything.
Why Are You Giving This Away Free?
Because I believe more than ever before in history the times call for us to be deeply rooted in the Word of God.  Scripture Memorization is an extraordinary way to plant His Word deep in our soul.  Just read our opening chapter and you will see an extraordinary example.
Who are You?
I am a graced follower.  In other words a Jesus lover.
Can We Share This Page with Others?
Please do!
Will We Get a Bunch of Emails and other Drama?
Ha!  Ha!  No.  I don't have time for that.  Every once in awhile I may tell you of another book out that I've written.  I just want to help people get in the Word and the Word get in the hearts of people.  
Read the Reviews!
For Fun and for honesty, We Just HAD to post this not nice review.   There you have it.  The Good, the Bad and The Ugly.  (Honestly we got a laugh with this one)    :)
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